This series has a stereo digital audio subsystem for passage. It has 4 channels, with a resolution of 8 bits each. The module that generates and transmits these channels is in the Central Rack.

Each seat has a receiver module that receives the 4 audio channels, and decodes and sends them to the seat connection panel. Depending on whether the seat is Tourist class or First class the model changes, although the functionality is always the same.
Each module incorporates a self-test function, so that when the Central Rack orders it, each receiving module verifies its correct operation, indicating its status.


This series incorporates a complete public address, intercom and entertainment subsystem. This subsystem is composed of the following main elements:

- Central Rack: It incorporates the functions of analog and digital control; PA input, amplification and output; alarm audio; microphone audio; and displaying of the operating status of the equipment.
- Booster Rack: It incorporates the functions of input, amplification and public address output and displaying of the operating status of the equipment.
- Intercoms: They allow communication between Supervisor, Driver and Passengers.
- CD players: They allow the playing of music to passengers.
- Video Players: They allow the emission of films and other visual elements to passengers.

A dedicated cabinet contains most of the main equipment of the installation.

Public address speakers receive the audio signal from the Booster Rack in each car.