RENFE - UT-592


This series incorporate a complete comprehensive passenger information system, public address and intercom.
This system is composed of the following main elements:

- Central computer: Includes the Passenger Information System software. This computer manages the route's progress of the train, broadcasting by LED screens the route's destination, and by public address all relevant messages and information. It also allows the driver to issue special messages by public address at its discretion.
- Front LED screen: show the train's destination.
- Digital Central: It consists of a computer and a keyboard-screen that allows the driver to iteract with it.
- Central Rack: Incorporates analog control functions; PA input, amplification and output; microphone audio; and it also displays the operating status of the equipment.
- Booster Rack: It incorporates the functions of input, amplification and PA broadcast, and it also displays the operating status of the equipment.
- Driver's microphone: It allows the broadcasting of messages from Driver to Passengers.
- Public address speakers.
- Route editing software: it allows the creation and edition of a file including all the route and message information that the central computer will use for its functions.


The passenger information system is managed through a custom-designed keyboard screen, which is connected to the computer. This item allows the driver to input instructions to the computer, and it also shows the status of the passenger information system.

PC applications that allow the creation and editing of routes and special messages are available.