RENFE - 446 & 447 SERIES


These two series incorporate a complete public address and intercom system. Both series are similar, being the system installed in the 447 series an adaptation and evolution of the system installed in the 446 series. These systems are composed of the following elements:

- Central Rack: Incorporates the functions of analog and digital control; PA input, amplification and output; alarm audio; microphone audio; and displaing of the operating status of the equipment.
- Rack Booster: It incorporates the functions of input, amplification and public address output, and visualization of the operating status of the equipment.
- Music Rack: Broadcasts automatic announcements and ambient music.
- Alarm Intercoms: Passengers can communicate with the Driver.
- Public address speakers.

Central Rack installed on 446 Series.

Central Rack installed on 447 Series.

Digital signal control module. This is one of the items that are part of the 'Central Rack'.