These series incorporate a full passenger information system, p.a. address and intercom. The PIS works both in English and Gaelic.
Main elements:

- Control Unit: here the PIS software runs. This computer controls the train route, announcing next station information via p.a. and led screens. Other messages can be displayed by the driver in the p.a. and in the led screens.
- Led screens: information shown in these devices depending on its model. Internal displays show next stop information and special messages; side external displays show destination and next station information; front external displays show destination information.
- Main P.A. Rack: Analogic and digital control functions; p.a. input, amplification and output; alarm intercom audio; microphone audio; system monitoring.
- Booster Rack: P.A. input, amplification and output. System monitoring.
- Intercomms: they allow communication between passengers and driver.
- Loudspeakers.
- Route editing software: it creates a file with all information to be displayed in the route.


The main cotroller incorporates a touch screen where the driver is able to select routes, special messages or starting stations. Once selected, the computer manages the route automatically according to the train progress. The driver is able to select any special messages to be displayed anytime.
The system is ready to use GPS signal and tachometer pulses from the train.
It is also possible to configure certain parameters, like real time information displayed on the driver's touch screen, or adjust the tachometer pulse width.


EMU8500 series incorporates two types of screens, and EMU8510 series, three:
- Inside led screens: installed in both series. They show next station, destination and special messages.
- External side screens: installed in EMU8510 series. They show next station and destination.
- External fron screens: installed in both series. They show destination.

Internal screen.

External side screen.